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Get ahead of the curve and become part of a whole new Cloud revolution with iWebGate, where we deliver a software network solution that gives your clients Fortune 500® security and capabilities

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As business moves across locations, networks and devices, IT needs visibility andcontrol to protect sensitive information assets without having to compromise workforce mobility, freedom or productivity.

Cloud Provider

Cloud services generate revenues upwards of $10 billion a year—that is $1 million every hour that you could be tapping into. This market will continue to grow and expand as companies seek to turn data into a resource that is easy to manage and monetize with their own personal cloud.

As our partner, you have the opportunity to offer clients this all-in-one cloud solution, LaunchPad, and add-ons that not only help companies expand their business, but also grow your own business as well. They will turn to you not a third party to expand. The best part is that the iWebGate Connectivity Suite is compatible with their entire existing infrastructure. No change. Just install.

Along with delivering security and apps, another unique feature as an iWebGate partner is that you can become a cloud service provider! The multi-tenant LaunchPad allows you to offer your own branded remote access, file sharing, and proxy services. This means you will become a LogMeIn or DropBox and your customer will pay you (instead of third party cloud service providers) for these types of cloud services. 

Scalable Software 

Keep up with the growing demands for secure, accessible network solutions and services.

iWebGate is designed to enable businesses to extend the functionality of existing commercial and custom solutions without the hassle of a complete overhaul of their code and structure.

Our comprehensive solution offers automated deployment and easy configuration of network services and applications reducing the stress caused by complex application provisioning and insecure, fragmented network services.

Service Providers

Using our multi-tenant architecture, host Windows apps and desktops applications right from your server or cloud.  This transforms virtualized apps and desktops into on-demand cloud services.

It doesn’t stop there. You can also deliver mobility services via our remote app.