iWebGate Workspace Suite

Transform security and business applications from “enterprise friendly” products to “enterprise ready” solutions

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Rapidly deploy additional security and business applications as “enterprise-ready” solutions.

iWebGate’s Workspace Suite (WSS) is the next step in virtualization technology – the Virtualization of Network Services. The patented technology behind the iWebGate platform securely provisions a range of virtual network services in a single software platform.

Integrating security and business applications into iWebGate’s LaunchPad transforms them from “enterprise friendly” products into “enterprise ready” solutions. The result is improved security, deployment processes and distribution capabilities. iWebGate’s Workspace Suite (WSS) includes three services that can be deployed individually or together, and supports a user’s device of choice, using any network and cloud.

This blend of greater security and collaborative capability creates new commercial capacity for any organization without altering or interrupting existing ICT infrastructure.

Secure Access to All Devices

Optimized to meet your business needs.

Through Telstra's App Marketplace, iWebGate delivers secure options through Virtual Segmentation Platform and the iWebGate Workspace Suite.

Workspace Suite Solutions


VPN LP establishes an encrypted Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) over a multi peer-to-peer (P2P) connection framework. VPN LP’s strength is the ability to easily create layered tunnels (VLANs) between computer devices and networks using software only. This new form of VPN secure connectivity obfuscates the true identity and location of the virtual network across private and public networks like the Internet.

Desktop LP

Desktop LP facilitates remote desktop services (RDP, SSH and VNC) across a wide range of computers and mobile devices. Additionally, Desktop LP supports concurrent connections via gateway services to ensure network isolation for on-premise and remote location usage.

Proxy LP

Proxy LP includes a number of proxy services integrated with multi factor authentication and certificate management tools. It ensures web services are never directly exposed to internal and external networks. Cost and complexity is significantly reduced when activating Multifactor Authentication and single server certificates to protect entire network servers.

When It


The Virtual Segmentation Platform (VSP) acts as your single point of contact for multiple services. Therefore, you only need one security certificate (SSL) for all services, which significantly reduces your IT complexity and spend.

What’s more, the VSP has its own built-in file server supporting all the standard protocols, including FTPs, WebDAV plus a drag-and-drop web interface to optimize end-user experiences. Partners are using the LaunchPad and its non common operating system to front-end their customers’  Microsoft-based services (e.g. Exchange, SharePoint), websites and web-based application servers.

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