Virtual Segmentation Platform

Securely provisions a range of virtual network services in a single software platform

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Properly segregate an existing network from all other internal and external networks.

Introducing the Virtual Segmentation Platform

The Virtual Segmentation Platform (VSP) segregates an existing network from all other internal and external networks with a broad range of virtual network services. This takes DMZ security to new heights for on-premise and cloud networks.

The VSP includes a wide range of multi-tenant aware proxies, gateways and emulated network services that are securely integrated into a single software platform. Additionally, the VSP is an administration tool for Device LinkUp, Network LinkUp and the Workspace Suite.

Access it from any device

Using the VSP to configure LaunchPad, our Partners easily assign machines to organizations, secure them in the infrastructure, and manage all Windows system administration and active directory tasks to “stand up” private cloud workspaces on multi-tenant hardware. This architecture allows service providers to skip most of the manual configuration steps required to establish remote Windows Desktop services for their customers.