Properly segment networks, connectivity, and devices

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The LaunchPad acts as your single point of contact for multiple services. Therefore, you only need one security certificate (SSL) for all services, which significantly reduces your IT complexity and spend.

Segregate networks, connectivity & devices.

The cost of server hardware, software and system administration has placed proper network segregation beyond the reach of almost all SMEs. Inadequate levels of segregation are established using only firewalls and VPNs. Companies are at risk when connecting these weak links and not implementing proper segregation between networks due to the cost, complexity and resources involved.

The foundation of the iWebGate LaunchPad is a tightly integrated tool set and API that orchestrates the activity of the hypervisor of Windows Operating Systems, Windows API and Windows Active Directory. The tools manage and coordinate all tasks required to maintain virtual machines in a multi-tenant architecture.

This blend of greater security and collaborative capability creates new commercial capacity for any organization without altering or interrupting existing ICT infrastructure.

Reimagine your network

With iWebGate LaunchPad

LaunchPad provides a significant layer of security and distribution capacity to third party security and/or business applications making it the ideal delivery platform.

Segregates Networks

The Virtual Segmentation Platform (VSP) segregates an existing network from all other internal and external networks with a broad range of virtual network services. This takes DMZ security to new heights for on-premise and cloud networks.

The VSP includes a wide range of multi-tenant aware proxies, gateways and emulated network services that are securely integrated into a single software platform. Additionally, the VSP is an administration tool for Device LinkUp, Network LinkUp and the Workspace Suite.

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Segregates Connectivity

Network LinkUp establishes a secure connection between the VSP and a remote network. Our partners are using LaunchPad to establish “security zones” in cloud environments and seamlessly connecting them to on-premise and/or other cloud networks using Network LinkUp.

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Segregates Devices

The network perimeter has changed. Firewall and VPN segmentation techniques are insufficient for numerous attack vectors. Proper segmentation means any device connecting to a network, regardless of its location, must do so through DMZ architecture using virtual network services. 

Device LinkUp is the container for an array of computer and mobile devices. Once installed, the container ensures a device securely connects to any given network via Network LinkUp and/or VPN LP. Additional security features include encryption at rest and in transit, multi factor authentication and remote retrieving of application data.

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