Virtualized Network Services



Virtualization is the process of establishing a software abstraction layer that creates a virtual computing device, network or resource on physical infrastructure.

Virtualization & Segmentation

Virtualization is made possible by the software abstraction layer, which segregates the physical from the virtual.  This segmentation layer handles the relationships, processes and communications between the physical and virtual.  In the last 10 years, the virtualization of servers has proliferated.

Server virtualization now widely adopted because it is easy to deploy, highly reliable and implemented at lower cost versus physical versions. The virtualization of networks (or Software Defined Networking) is now starting to emerge in cloud infrastructure environments and data centers because of the same benefits

Challenges of Today’s Virtualization Approach

While the Server and Network has been virtualized, Network Services (Email, File, Remote Access, Web, etc.) have not.  For the last 30 years Firewalls and VPNs have been used as the defacto architecture to separate Networks and the Services within.  During this time the number of users, application and especially devices adopting this architecture has exploded.

This has lead to significant problems arising:

Liability exposure

Complexity surrounding deployment

Compliance challenges

Complexity surrounding management

Network security challenges

System security challenges

Virtualization Segmentation Suite

To solve these critical problems, we reimagined a world where Firewalls and VPNs are not used as the primary security and connectivity products to separate networks and link computer devices.

Reimagine your network

with iWebGate VSS

Using our powerful suite of innovative software, you can segment not just your networks, but your connectivity and devices.


Segregates Networks

LaunchPad is the cornerstone product of the Virtual Segmentation Suite (VSS). 
In addition to providing many VSS administration tools, LaunchPad properly segregates an existing network from all other internal and external networks.

When the LaunchPad is software installed, proper segmentation occurs. This is achieved through provisioning them into an abstraction layer between an existing network and all other networks. This means primary network services are no longer directly exposed to potentially dangerous networks, and opens up a whole new range of options.

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Segregates Connectivity

The LaunchPad software can be installed in the same on-premise or cloud environments where primary network services reside. However, this is not always convenient or the fastest method or deployment.  Linkup LP establishes a secure connection between LaunchPad and a remote network. 

Unlike traditional VPNs, Linkup LP provisions a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) over a Peer-to-Peer connection. Linkup LP empowers our clients to install LaunchPad in a cloud environment and ‘link’ it to on-premise and/or other cloud networks without making firewall changes or weakening security.

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Segregates Devices

The network perimeter has changed. Firewall and VPN segmentation techniques are insufficient for numerous attack vectors. Proper segmentation means any device connecting to a network, regardless of its location, must do so through DMZ architecture using virtual network services. 

Device LP establishes a secure ‘container’ on any mobile device or tablet that is fully capable of running on all major mobile operating systems including Windows PC, Windows Mobile, iOS, OSX, Android and Samsung Knox. Once installed, the container ensures a device securely connects to a given network via LaunchPad and/or VPN LP. 

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iWebGate Workspace Suite

Once deployed, iWebGate’s Virtual Segmentation Suite (VSS) establishes abstraction layers at the network, connectivity and device layers.  When new and existing security products and business applications are re-purposed in or around the VSS, a whole new pool of capacity arises across enterprise networks.

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With a single installation of software and the right credentials, the LaunchPad’s Patented VPN LP Broker service establishes an encrypted Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) over a multi peer-to-peer (P2P) connection framework.

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Desktop LP

There are many ways to provision remote desktop connection capabilities. However, most product offerings inherit a degree of cost, complexity, poor performance, deployment issues and/or security vulnerabilities.

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Proxy LP

A next generation suite of proxy services including reverse proxy, which guards your network and website against attack or discovery by cloaking its ip

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