Virtualization of network services has arrived

Cloud computing is an example of low cost and timely provisioning of network infrastructure using virtualization technologies.

Server virtualization and network virtualization are a multi billion dollar industry enabling many users, devices and applications to use shared network services. The access demand to these services exposes limitations and weaknesses of traditional architecture - in cloud and on-premise.

Shared network services have not been virtualized - Until Now!

Introducing the 3rd Zone

iWebGate has seamlessly integrated a wide range of ‘shared network services’ into a single software product called the Virtual Services Platform (VSP).

Organizations of all sizes are now able to use iWebGate’s VSP to rapidly establish a separate network of virtual services between all of their internal and external networks.

This segregation of networks creates a highly secure and commercially capable 3rd Zone.

We believe your networks are everything!

See how our partners are using the VSP’s 3rd Zone to deliver solutions to their customers with a powerful ROI and minimal risk.

Partners We Serve

  • Infrastructure as a Service (iaaS) Providers
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Centres
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Software Application Developers
  • Prime Contractors
  • Distributors & Resellers

Our Partners deliver extraordinary IT using iWebGate Technology

We are working with some of the world’s leading OEMs, ISPs and software development companies helping them create new go to market products and strategies using iWebGate technologies.

Latest News

June 2014 - The Great State of Texas
iWebGate has been included in the State of Texas’ Department of Information Resources (DIR)  Cooperative Contracts Program as a provider of cloud services through Blue River IT.

The DIR Cooperative Contracts Program is a streamlined purchasing program for the state and local government, public education, and other public entities within and outside of Texas. The program leverages the State’s purchasing power to negotiate competitive discounts with vendors of technology goods and services. In 2013, the program reached over $1.796 billion in technology customer purchases.

Blue River Information Technology is an iWebGate channel Partner and under the DIR Contract, offers iWebGate technology as a standard component alongside Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Sharepoint, Net App and Riverbed.

Texas is the second largest state in size and population in the United States with an estimated 26.4 million people. The inclusion in Blue River IT’s DIR contract is an exciting partnership for iWebGate. We look forward to working with Blue River IT and the DIR Cooperative Contracts program entities.

All contracts under the program meet the Texas Government Code, Section 2054.0565 required for all government entities.

May 2014 - Patent Approved
iWebGate has recently received notice from the USPTO that their Continuation in Part (CIP) patent application 14/139594, claiming benefit of the originally granted patent application "System and Method for Multiple Concurrent Virtual Networks", issued as U.S. Patent No. 8,615,014 on December 24, 2013, has been accepted and published by the USPTO on April 24, 2014 as Publication No. 2014/0112347 A1.

The basis of this application is to extend, or continue in part, the disclosed functionality of the previously granted patent. The content of the CIP application discloses new techniques and technology that extends the company's VIN (Virtual Invisible Network) software, an alternative to traditional VPN software and technology, whereby connectivity to multiple virtual layered networks is achieved simultaneously through a single process and network connection.

April 2014 - CEO Relocates to United States
iWebGate’s CEO, Tim Gooch, has moved to Maryland to support the Company’s sales, partnership and expansion initiatives. Mark Harrell has been appointed Managing Director for iWebGate’s Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

April 2014 - Northrop Grumman
iWebGate has completed stage-one of its portable demonstration and testing contract with Northrop Grumman - a leading global security company that provides a broad portfolio of capabilities and technologies delivering innovative systems and solutions for applications ranging from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace.

March 2014 - Secure State
SecureState is an information security management consulting firm servicing more than 350 companies in the commercial sector and organizations like NASA. SecureState performed a simulated attack against iWebGate’s technology to try and compromise and/or exploit vulnerabilities within. In March 2014, SecureState reported iWebGate’s Virtual Services Platform (VSP) and Virtual Invisible Networking (VIN) technologies are in line with some of the top Fortune 500 organizations with which SecureState works.

February 2014 - SAP
After becoming an OEM Partner, iWebGate has successfully integrated SAP’s latest reporting engine into the 3rd Zone to provide partners and end-customers of all sizes with the most powerful, scalable and dynamic Business Intelligence Reporting solution with Fortune-500 security.

January 2014 - Patent Approved
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted iWebGate a patent for its multiple concurrent virtual networking technology. This innovation underpins iWebGate’s Virtual Invisible Networking (VIN), which effectively renders a range of firewall-based VPN services (e.g. IPsec, SSL) obsolete due to VIN’s faster performance, ease of setup and greater security.